I've worn a number of proverbial hats throughout my career, from management consulting to reimbursement consulting to clinical data analysis, but I always managed to work software development and engineering into every role.


Ph.D., Genetics

The University of Chicago

Gained proficiency in C, C++, Perl, and scientific writing in LaTeX, with a focus on optimizing existing software and creating new scripts to analyze genetic data and present results in an informative manner.

Collaborated with fellow graduate students and professors on the design, implementation, visualization, and publication of novel scientific work.

B.S., Microbiology

The Pennsylvania State University

Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology and a minor in biochemistry and molecular biology.

Professional and Technical Experience

Test Lab Creator and Software Engineer

Independent Study

Collaborated with three other developers on the creation, design, and implementation of Test Lab, an open-source, self-hosted platform for creating and managing feature toggles, rollouts, and experiments.

Developed native Node, React, Ruby, and Python SDKs for Test Lab, with assignment logic to evaluate features and allow rendering of user-specific variants while ensuring the integrity of A/B experiments.

Developed the Test Lab backend server, which exposes RESTful APIs for creating and managing features, users, and experiment-related events.

Dockerized the Test Lab Node backend server, React frontend UI, and PostgreSQL database, available on the AWS Elastic Container Registry for easy deployment on virtual private servers or AWS ECS.

Authored the Test Lab case study and documentation, available at TestL-ab.github.io

SBIR/STTR Grant Reviewer

Independent Consultant

Reviews SBIR and STTR federal grant proposals prior to submission, focusing on novel pharmaceuticals, biotech, genetic tests and technologies, medical devices, and other innovations applicable to the healthcare sector.

Evaluates the proposed innovation in terms of potential significance, commercial impact, technical feasibility, and value proposition compared to existing and pipeline competitors.

Senior Technology Licensing Officer

Penn State University

Evaluated life science innovations from the College of Medicine in terms of intellectual property strength and potential commercial value.

Provided actionable feedback and recommendations to inventors on potential improvements to their projects and proposals, including research design, commercialization strategy, and product positioning.

Geneticist and Medicaid Clinical Data Specialist

Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Developed new software tools to allow for increased efficiency and functionality in handling large and complex claims data sets using Perl, R, Tableau, Google Motion Charts, Circos, SQL, and 3M PPE.

Designed and executed research projects using physician, inpatient, outpatient, and pharmacy claims along with enrollment data to aid in the development of health care policy, acting as an internal consultant to OHCA staff in determining the appropriate analysis for specific clinical questions.

Evaluated the analytical validity, clinical validity, and clinical utility of emerging genetic technologies, including FDA-approved products and proprietary, lab-developed tests.

Developed evidence-based policies, guidelines, and reimbursement rates for coverage of genetic tests and technologies for populations served by Oklahoma’s Medicaid agency.

Acted as a liaison between Oklahoma Medicaid and providers, working toward appropriate utilization of genetic products and technologies.

Produced and delivered educational presentations on genetics to key internal and external stakeholders, including the Medicaid Evidence-Based Decisions Project, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority Board, the OK Hospital Association, and the University of OK College of Pharmacy.

Life Science Consultant and Project Manager

L.E.K. Consulting

Managed over 30 projects focused on a variety of client needs including strategic planning, commercial due diligence, revenue forecasting, valuation, and target acquisition screening.

Developed market models, pharmacoeconomic evaluations, and other analytic approaches to quantify the value of innovative technologies and financial impact of recommended strategies.

Conducted rigorous analysis of pharma, biotech, and medical device market segments to determine the current treatment paradigm, competitive landscape, emerging technologies, IP status, reimbursement environment, and unmet needs across various therapeutic and diagnostic areas.

Coordinated the short- and long-term tasks of teams comprised of L.E.K. associates and client personnel to ensure that projects exceeded expectations and concluded on time and on budget.

Synthesized team findings into actionable recommendations and presented those findings to clients ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device corporations.